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    “Thank God that I found Attorney Arnaout!”
    “Thank God that I found Attorney Arnaout!”
    - Former Client
    “They’re professional and really helpful.”
    They’re professional and really helpful.
    - David Rosales
    “Lawyer Eman Arnaout is the best of the best.”
    I recommend this law firm, lawyer Eman Arnaout is the best of the best, I can only tell you that my case was very difficult as it is to know I did not have a visa when I enter, all the lawyers I consulted she was the only one who told me not to leave the country to get forgiveness because it would be very difficult for her to re- He also told us that he would get my work permit, my social security, my green card and also that he would help me bring my children. Despite the pandemic, how difficult my case looked we always had faith in them, I got my social security, my work permit less than a year ago, and yesterday, Friday, August 12, 2022 they called me to The for prosecutor Miss Mónica G Escamilla helped me all the time of my process we followed every step and every word she told us to the letter, it is too professional, so much so that we would blindly trust them again without hesitation!! They make a great team. They really know what they do and they are very clear... they won't waste your time but you must be 100% honest so that they can help you, they are worth every penny you pay them!! God continue to bless you! All my life I will be grateful for everything they did for us!!
    - Katherine Ceron
    “They are professional and dedicated.”
    I highly recommend using Arnaout Law Firm. Eman and Monica did a fantastic job. They are professional and dedicated. They kept us well informed throughout the process. They are well versed in their craft proven by the fact that they made sure that all documents needed for the process were ready PRIOR to being requested. Arnaout handled two cases for us and both proven to be a success. Our family is now all united. My husband is a USA citizen and my mother in law is safe with us. We are very grateful to Arnaout Law Firm for a life changing reunion of our family.
    - Diana Oneto
    “I highly stand behind this firm and their integrity.”
    Immigration processes in the United States are some of the most complex and confusing processes I have ever encountered, through a lapse of 5 years I struggled navigating through the immigration system and wasting money on attorneys who simply seek to do the bare minimum for my case. My case was not only ever-changing but quite difficult to interpret when interacting with the immigrational system. Yet 2 years ago Attorney Eman and her firm started this journey along myside, not simply by representing me but also by helping me interpret and understand the rational behind every decision taken by the immigrational system and how to better prepare myself for it. She not only practices in an uprightly manner and according to the law but with sincerity and professionalism, she will guide you base on the law held in this country and not advantaging on the hopes and dreams of those who seek her assistance. If you are seeking for transparency and professionalism seek no further, I highly stand behind this firm and their integrity.
    - Ricardo Sanchez
    “Thank you so much Arnaout Law Firm”
    Well, what can I say? After years of trying, years! After three lawyers, thousands of dollars, and all the pain, stress, and hopelessness, I’ve finally got my green card! I was thinking this would be my last attempt… and I still can’t believe I finally got it. Thank you so much Arnaout Law Firm… especially Monica. I highly recommend.
    - Danny C
    “Professional attitude, prompt responses to questions and an overall easy process for our case.”
    My husband and I used their services and would absolutely recommend. Professional attitude, prompt responses to questions and an overall easy process for our case.
    - Niketa Lena Vallejo
    “Thanks to this amazing office my husband will be able to visit his parents.”
    My husband & I used their service to process my husband’s papers, I would 100% recommend their service. He actually received his residency sooner then what we thought & for that we are totally grateful. Thanks to this amazing office my husband will be able to visit his parents.
    - Rocio Mondragon
    “They were with me every step of the way and gave me the best advice.”
    I was very worried about my immigration status case until I found an immigration lawyer here in Los Angeles. I searched online and discovered Arnaout Law Firm, which has years of legal immigration experience. I made an appointment in 2019 and they gave me hope about solving my case. Attorney Eman explained to me the best approach with a lot of confidence and possibilities. Every time I talked to the staff, especially Attorney Eman, I felt like they cared and understood my case. They gave me individualized attention and stayed on top of everything. The pandemic delayed the processing time more than I expected, but Arnaout Law firm kept following up and updating me. They gave me a tracking number and requested updates for me. They also shared with me every notice they received about my case on the same day. They were very prompt and professional. Monica Escamilla (immigration Paralegal) was exceptional. I also want to mention that their rates are very reasonable compared to other firms. I did my research before contacting Arnaout Law Firm. Their mission on their website is TRUE. They made me happy not only with the result but also with their exceptional service. It’s that simple as they say. They were with me every step of the way and gave me the best advice. I couldn't have done it without them. They were so happy for me when I finally got the result I wanted. They are amazing!
    “Eman Arnout helped reunite my family!!”
    My husband had a very difficult case and with the help of Eman and her staff my husband was able to be granted a pardon and relief. Eman is a genuinely kind person, she is professional and thorough. We are forever indebted to her for what she has done for our family. Thank you Eman, Chris and Monica!
    - Etmny Cornejo
    “Great experience, great process, and great result.”
    Great experience, great process, and great result. My wife and I went to Arnaout Immigration Law Firm to learn about how a green card application would work, and we had specific questions about getting a J-1 waiver, which was going to be required on our green card application. Eman was extremely knowledgeable, but as has been pointed out by other reviewers, not pushy in the least. We ended up hiring Arnaout, but between the initial consultation and us hiring them over a year passed. We had several discussions with other lawyers, but always came back to Eman as the one who had impressed us the most. We are happy to report we received the J-1 waiver, and couldn't be happier with the service we received from Arnaout Immigration Law Firm.
    - Rick F
    “One post is not enough to express our gratitude.”
    One post is not enough to express our gratitude. Attorney Arnaout goes above and beyond to make impossible things become possible. She is extremely knowledgeable and has answers to everything. My parents were waiting for their green card for 18 plus years and she made it happen within less than a year. From day one we met her, she stayed on top of the things until the end to make sure everything goes as planned and to keep us happy. Her professional demeanor is very impressive. She makes you feel very comfortable and confident. Unfortunately there are many attorneys nowadays that care about money and business only; luckily, Attorney Arnaout is not one of them. She take pride at what she does and cares a lot for her clients. She truly is a gem. It was our absolute pleasure working with her and we can't thank her enough for everything she has done. I will definitely recommend everyone to go see her.
    - Erna B
    “Thank you everyone!”
    This lawyer fought for my green card like no other lawyer did. After 10 years in this country, I can now go home and see my parents. Thank you everyone!
    - Mohammed Z
    “You'll be impressed with their professional advice and attitude.”
    It was very helpful and informative consultation that we had at Arnaout Law Firm. We went over main details of our case and got all answers that were needed. If you need a free consultation without any pressure to use their service you should contact this firm. You'll be impressed with their professional advice and attitude.
    - Far. Y.
    “I'm so happy I hired attorney Arnaout”
    “I'm so happy I hired attorney Arnaout”
    - Hapepse H.
    “I will always be grateful with Arnaout Law Firm”
    I wasted many years talking to many immigration attornies whom told me they couldn't open my case because my husband wasn't a US citizen yet. Eman Arnaout told me what I needed to hear. She told me she could do a petition of spouse which got approved without an interview because of all the proof I presented and with Arnaout's great work. A year later my husband became a citizen and Arnaout filed a Change of Status. Two weeks later a received my biometric appointment along with my work permit receipt # and document travel. Two months later I had my interview with an Immigration official for my Green Card which it was delivered a week later on the mail. 3 months after my husband became an US Citizen I became a Permanent Resident! I will always be grateful with Arnaout Law Firm for their promptness and professionalism, and their assistant Natalia who always had a good answer for all of my questions and made my process stress free.
    - Veronica G.
    “Highly recommend Arnaout immigration !”
    What can I say except thank you to wonderful Eman . Highly professional , knowledgable , tactical , encouraging in a process that started frenetic but ended triumphant . Highly recommend Arnaout immigration !
    - Elizabeth Y.
    “She was worth every penny!”
    This review is very necessary. My Wife needed her Green Card and finding the right Lawyer seemed almost impossible. This Lawyer was kinda expensive but my Wife was impressed with her overall explanation of things, and the obvious knowledge that she expressed on a very comforting way. The entire process went just as the Lawyer explained it. She was worth every penny. I recommend this Lawyer to anyone trying to get their Green card. PERIOD!!!!
    - Chili G.
    “In the end, I got my permanent green card! I'm so happy I hired attorney Arnaout.”
    “In the end, I got my permanent green card! I'm so happy I hired attorney Arnaout.”
    - Hapepse H.
    “She is the real great deal!”
    “She is the real great deal!”
    - Artin B.
    “I highly recommend this firm!”
    “I highly recommend this firm!”
    - Mary D.
    “Very knowledgable and experienced attorney.”
    “Very knowledgable and experienced attorney.”
    - Valentina M.
    “I am so grateful to have found them and get my brother his green card.”
    “I am so grateful to have found them and get my brother his green card.”
    - Former Client
    “Saved me from getting deported!”
    My high paid criminal attorney was getting me to plead guilty to a misdemeanor grand theft. I was very worried that I would lose my green card, so he referred me to Attorney Eman. She did a great job explaining to my criminal attorney that the misdemeanor would get me deported. She even was able to convince the D.A and the judge to change my charge to a petty theft. She saved me from getting deported! I literally wouldn't be here without her very professional and caring guidance.
    - Armen D.
    “Excellent job”
    This law office did an excellent job on my case. The lawyer, she really help my asylum case and spend lot of time and make it stronger case. I recommend everyone I know to her !
    - Ksenia J.
    “This is the only firm that would treat you as your own family.”
    I'm very thankful I found Arnaout law firm, this is the only firm that would treat you as your own family. They would assists in legal needs and wont ever leave you alone without giving the best fight and will stand by you even thru the deepest and darkest times of your life. I'm very pleased with the staff, Natalia, Tonette and the rest for doing a very wonderful job. I am very grateful for Atty. Eman Arnaout who treated clients as her own family, I can say she's like a sister who would defend you against bullies and keep you safe from harm. I was almost about to give up about my case but with answered prayers Arnaout Law never left me hanging even though i was very low and empty financially. Its really rare to find these people who are dedicated with their work. I'm very happy and glad I was given a spark of life and given another chance for a brighter future. Thank you so much Atty. Eman and the rest of the staff. May God prosper you more.
    - Adrian S.