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Self-Petitioning Visas

Los Angeles Self-Petitioning Visa Attorney

Experienced VAWA Defense Attorney

Are you currently seeking a self-petitioning visa due to an unsafe or undesirable situation? When you feel that your life is at risk, time is of the essence. Taking quick action to consult with a Los Angeles immigration attorney can be in your best interest, rather than trying to navigate the complex system on your own. At Arnaout Immigration Law Firm, we are compassionate towards our clients who are seeking solace and safety by working to help them obtain a self-petitioning visa.

A few examples of self-petitioning visas include:

Self-petitioning visas are controlled by a number of complex rules and regulations, which is why hiring a Los Angeles immigration attorney is essential. Regardless of why you are in need of protections through a self-petitioning visa, we are here to answer your questions and assist you. The attorney Arnaout Immigration Law Firm works closely with clients and instructs them on the legal requirements of their particular application.

Violence Against Women Act

VAWA was passed to allow battered children or spouses of LPRs or U.S. citizens to petition USCIS. There are also circumstances where a widower or widow of a U.S. citizen can petition for themselves or their children. The self-petitioning aspect means that the individual in question can petition themselves, rather than the U.S. citizen doing it for them. This act's purpose is to provide protection to individuals who are in danger and are seeking the safety of immigration. If your petition is approved, you would be awarded permanent resident status.

U & T Visas & S Visas

T and U visas were created through the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act. T visas are intended for individuals who are victims of human trafficking and assist government officials or police with the investigation or prosecution. U visas are for those who have suffered abuse and have assisted government or police with criminal matters.

The purpose of S visas is for those who act as witnesses or assist law enforcement to investigate or prosecute crimes. These individuals who wish to become lawful permanent residents and seek protection can petition for an adjustment of status.

To learn more about these avenues of immigration and others, please reach out to our Los Angeles self-petitioning immigration attorney today. Contact us now at (818) 276-9900 to set up a consultation.