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Diversity Lottery

What Is the Diversity Lottery?

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The Diversity Lottery (DV) program was enacted to provide a more diverse immigrant pool by creating a means of immigration for those foreign nationals without employment sponsorship or family ties in the United States. It is available to people who come from countries with low admission rates.

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Immigration through the Diversity Lottery

Under the DV program, 55,000 annual immigrant visas are allotted to qualified foreign nationals. Spouses and children shall receive an immigrant visa if accompanying or following-to-join the spouse or parent.

The lottery is held every year and randomly selects approximately 110,000 applicants from qualified entries. Because more people will be notified of selection than will actually be granted visas, applicants selected for the DV program must act quickly. Once the 55,000 cap is reached or the fiscal year ends, the DV program for that year is closed.

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