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At Arnaout Immigration Law Firm, we pride ourselves in our ability to take risks and to fight for our clients and their rights. We recently took on a complex green card matter and managed to come out victorious!

We are incredibly grateful for the couple we were able to help, and the difference we have made in their lives.

Here is what they had to say:

We came to lawyer Eman Arnaout with a very complex and difficult case. This after we had already gone through three other lawyers looking for help. I will spare you the details why we passed on them, but know that it all could have ended terribly bad and with me back in Mexico, in all three cases. Instead, she helped us secured a green card for me, and even much, much sooner then we had anticipated.
I came to our first meeting without my partner and was impressed by Eman’s knowledge and confidence; we immediately secured her services. And in the following two weeks they carefully reviewed my very thick file, and knew exactly the best possible way to pursue our petition for a green card. They put our case together and created a plan in a matter of few weeks. Once everything was sent in, they kept us informed with any progress. We had our interview and three weeks later were approved! It’s been amazing!

Having someone so well prepared as Eman and her team are, made all the difference in our case. We are so grateful to them. Thank you Eman, Natalia, Chris and everyone there in your office.

Arnout Law thank you for everything

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